Nick Carse

Favorite Pop

Strawberry Lemonade

Former prosecutor who’s been bringing taste buds to justice from the jump:  “Order..Order in the King’s Court!  Yes…I’ll take a dozen!”  Currently, he is the Integrator: making sure things flow and removing obstacles so that King of Pops continues to improve, be awesome, and make the steamy South sing with cool delight. He is the co-creator of the man bun and co-owner of {insert name here}’s heart. He hosts the coolest onesie party (pajama jammie-jam) in the Southeast.  Few wear a shirt better.  T-Shirt, Button Up, you name it.  Ain’t afraid of showing a little tummy neither.  But, let it stand on record that he detests deli meat, so don’t even go there. 

Except!  We will go here:  Nick is a true renaissance man playing the part of entrepreneur. He could start his day in a difficult negotiation with a company 100x the size of KoP, quickly rewire an outlet at HQ, and then ride his bike home to work in his garden. He’s a tireless worker, has really long hair, and is the {insert your favorite mechanical part here} that makes sure things continue to progress.